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Book your reservation for the 3-hour guided walking tour of the Pompeii ruins. This ancient city was devastated by the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in 79 AD and is an archaeological wonder. Excavations have made it possible to explore and appreciate what life in early Rome was like.

A trip to Rome should include a visit to Pompeii. It is an excellent example of middle-class life in a maritime city in the 1st Century. Sailors of the Mediterranean found entertainment and comfort in the port by the sea, lending their character to its lifestyle. Visit the Theatre, where countless events and plays entertained the townspeople. Gaze upon the grand Thermal Baths, with their elaborately decorated dressing rooms and expansive exercise fields.

Listen and you’ll hear the vendors of old hawking their wares to savvy shoppers buying everything from clothing - to slaves. Drink a toast in one of the many bars before dining with your rowdy crew in one of the restaurants lining the streets. We’ll explore wine cellars, compare prices and hear of rare local recipes. Then, it’s on to the Ampitheatre with its gladiators, and the infamous red light district.

Experience the Forum, site of celebrations and processions that filled the streets in this city center where politics met religion. Envision priests walking to temples, and the public buildings housing the policymakers of the day.

This tour is unique. There is no waiting in line for entrance to the historic ruins of Pompeii and you will have a private guide.

The Pompeii Tour is popular, so book early. For information and reservations, please contact us at



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