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  • Everyday except Sundays: Tour lenght: approximately 3 hours
  • Private Tour: Suitable to all ages
  • Skip-the-lines!: Entrance fees included
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Welcome to one of our most famous tours. We have been taking several families, bunches, private people to the Vatican City.

On this visit you will avoid the passageway lines and visit the Sistine Chapel, the Basilica of Saint Peter, the Vatican Museums, the Rooms of Raphael, the Tombs of Popes and numerous other extraordinary destinations.

We meet outside the Vatican City, just by the entrance to the exhibition halls. We don't remain in any line and do not waste time. We go straight through the security checks to the lockers where we can drop our sacks, umbrellas and we can use the toilettes.

After that,, we begin our visit of one of the largest and most valuable collections of art on the planet.

The first rooms we visit contain a big number of Ancient Roman Statues, conveyed to the the museums from every corner ofRome when the Popes were administering the whole city and region and no just the Vatican.

We will take you by the hand to the most interesting masterpieces including the Apollo of the Belvedere, the Laocoon, the Torso, the busts of Hadrian and Antinous. In the same area we will see the sarcophagi of Helen and Constance, the mother and the little girl of Emperor Constantine.

Our visit will proceed through the Gallery of Candelabra stopping by the statue of Ephesian Artemis and a spectacular mosaic portraying food the Ancient Romans were eating.

Next we will walk through the Gallery of Tapestries, the Sobieski Hall, and the Rooms of Raphael. These rooms formed the Apartment of Pope Julius II and are considered the most important works done by Raphael in his life.

Next, we’ll explore the Sistine Chapel, which is Italy's most visited site. You will see the Last Judgment, the Stories of Moses and Jesus, and Michelangelo's well known Creation of Adam. The chapel is also the location of the the Conclaves, the meetings of Cardinals that elect the Popes.

A small door will take us to Saint Peter's Basilica, the most grandest Catholic church on Earth. There, you will see another Michelangelo's masterpiece, the Pietà, and other amazing works by Bernini, Di Cambio and other famous artists. We will also stop by the tombs of Pope John XXIII and John Paul II.

This esclusive private tour of the smallest country in the worls, the Vatican will end up in the breathtaking Saint Peter square where you will see the Popes' balcony and the chimney where the smoke comes out after their election.

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